HyGold Base Oils – Your Products, Made of Gold.

Everything has a beginning. And for lubricants like motor oils and metalworking fluids, that beginning is Ergon’s HyGold Base Oil.

For more than two decades, Ergon’s naphthenic and paraffinic base oils have been the starting point for thousands of lubricating products, many of which are sold in markets around the globe. Base oils are a derivative of crude oil, and are produced by means of a modern distillation method followed by a severe hydrotreating process. They’re used in dozens of applications, including metalworking fluid, engine oil and industrial lubricants. With decades of refining experience, Ergon has mastered the production of thoroughly consistent, to-spec base oil products that meet the needs of customers around the world.

International Compatibility
Many HyGold base oils are compatible with a long list of national and international requirements, ensuring that they can be used virtually anywhere. Compliance with these regulations is very important, but for many, consistency is just as critical. HyGold base oils are renowned for being consistent, which gives customers the ability to produce their own consistent products no matter where they are in the world. For example, if HyGold is used in the production of a brand of engine oil in Brussels, a precise duplicate of that product can be created at a sister facility in South America or elsewhere. Products can be manufactured practically anywhere in the world using HyGold without inconsistencies due to base oil variations. And in today’s global marketplace, that can be a game changer for your business.

Worldwide Distribution
Even the most consistent of base oils would be meaningless without the means to distribute them. That’s why Ergon maintains far-reaching logistics capabilities with a strategic global distribution network. With customers in nearly every corner of the globe, it’s essential to have the capability to reach them anywhere. In the United States, Ergon’s transportation subsidiary, Ergon Trucking, Inc., dedicates a large portion of its fleet to transporting specialty oil products. Magnolia Marine Transport Company, Ergon’s maritime subsidiary, dedicates a number of its boats and barges to our specialty oil operations. And with hundreds of railcars on lease, we’re able to deliver base oil products to customers whenever and wherever they need them.

Unyielding Consistency
The ability to produce the same product on any continent can make or break a company. To ensure the utmost consistency in the products you deliver to your customers, you need a solid foundation on which to base them. Take a look at how your business could benefit by using HyGold. With low pour points, good solvency power, low odor levels and many other desirable characteristics, we’re confident there’s a HyGold product available to suit your needs.

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