HyPrene – Dependable Oil for Your Processing Applications

When versatility meets consistency, you have the catalyst for innovation. For a variety of processing applications, that catalyst is HyPrene Process Oil.

For decades, Ergon has produced process oils that are used in a wide variety of products and applications. Process oils are a derivative of crude oil and are produced through the distillation of a modern, high pressure, severe hydrotreating process. Applications for HyPrene include rubber compounding, adhesives, sealants, belts and hoses—among various other uses. Hyprene also has low pour points, low odor and good color stability, which complement the process oil’s exceptional blending capabilities.

Solvency for Easy Incorporation of New Compounds
Solvency yields versatility. HyPrene’s solvency power lets it blend with many additives, which makes it useful for a variety of needs. The range of viscosity from low (40 SUS) to high (4900 SUS) is also a factor in its versatility. HyPrene has the ability to adapt to fit your processing application needs.

HyPrene’s reputation can be attributed to Ergon’s decades-long effort to achieve the best possible performance from its process oil to ensure the best results for our customers.

Consistent Product
HyPrene Process Oils are not only versatile, but also offer great quality. Many who use process oils to create products must constantly monitor changing regulations to make sure their oils are to spec. With HyPrene, you can trust that you will always receive products that meet current specification requirements and perform consistently. You receive the same products, so you can achieve the same (or better) results.

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