Official: Less than 50 gallons of oil, not 200, spills into Ohio River

Fri., Mar 1, 2013


An official with Ergon in Newell said that less than 50 gallons of oil spilled into the Ohio River on Tuesday, which is much less than initially believed.

The spill happened around 6 p.m. and was quickly contained.

Officials with Ergon initially said that less than 200 gallons spilled out onto the water while a barge was being loaded. Upon further examination, it's now believed that the number is less than 50 gallons.

Neil Stanton, the vice president of refining and plant management at Ergon, was at the site when the spill happened and said he is very proud of Ergon employees and their quick response in tough conditions to safely manage the leak.

Ergon and Harley Marine are collaborating with the Coast Guard to complete their investigation.

The Coast Guard is at the scene Wednesday, assuring proper corrective action has been taken and safeguards are in place. The Department of Environmental Protection was also notified.