HyGold-5000BS - Bright stock

Now Shipping: Ergon’s HyGold 5000BS

Ergon has released HyGold 5000BS, the newest in Group I bright stock technology. HyGold 5000BS is manufactured through a propane deasphalting and severe hydrotreating process, yielding a unique combination of high viscosity, low pour point, low odor and high flash point. Its color and appearance are superior to other bright stocks on the market.

HyGold 5000BS proves suitable for use in a wide range of applications where product viscosity and appearance remain critical, some of which include greases, marine engine oils and cylinder lubes, high viscosity/monograde engine oils, and a variety of industrial gear oils.

The Future of Bright Stock

Trends in finished lubricant technologies threaten the viability of legacy Group I refineries and associated bright stock production capacities. Even though production will continue to diminish on a global scale, Ergon’s investments ensure our ability to meet current and future bright stock demands.

Supply You Can Count On

Ergon remains the world’s largest producer of naphthenic specialty products and the second largest Group I bright stock producer. HyGold 5000BS provides viscosity-demanding applications with an effective solution in the face of supply uncertainty and high-cost alternatives. We offer a consistent, reliable supply of Group I bright stock with a production capacity of 3,000 barrels/day (150,000 MT/year).

Ergon’s supply and distribution network includes domestic and international terminals. Strategically located near significant rail, river and ocean transportation systems, we are able to quickly address market conditions and opportunities, maintain reliable supply, and optimize global logistics for the benefit of our customers.

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